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CES 2018 preview video: closing in on the Las Vegas convention

CES 2018 preview announcements begin in the next 24 hours, and we’re almost to Las Vegas for the big expo. We’ve passed through Memphis, taking a bit of a detour, as you can see through Episode 2 of our cross-country road trip video.

Wait, did you miss Episode 1 our our CES preview road trip? Don’t worry, it’s way better than Episode 1: Phantom Menace. We swear.

What’s in our CES 2018 gear bag

Most importantly, you’re probably wondering what we’re bringing to cover the big show. Well, we’ve stopped along the route to not only tell you, but show you what we’re carrying in our trunk.

CES 2018 preview and predictions

We’re also talking about CES 2018 predictions. That’s what we’re summing up while driving through Texas. Here’s the latest from what we’re hearing about CES 2018 ahead of the actual breaking news.


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